• Stone and undercut commutator.
  • Electrically test the armature, field coils and inter-poles and record data.
  • Using a small blower, the coils of the armature are blown out to remove carbon that has accumulated over time.
  • Clean and remove debris from the entire machine (loose paint, broken insulation, grease and carbon dust).
  • On gearless machines, the entire brush assembly is disassembled and the insulators inspected and replaced if necessary, the brush boxes and ring assembly bead blasted to remove grounds.
  • Seal V-ring.
  • Check and set the neutral plane on brush assembly if necessary.
  • Check and set the cornering of brush boxes.
  • Apply a Class – F polyurethane spray epoxy to the armature and fields (the application of the spray epoxy helps to re-insulate the machine and keep out small particulates).